Hulas Motors is testing its electric car named “Da Vinci”  and will be brought to Kathmandu as the testing ends. It’s the very first time that an electric car is being produced in Nepal itself.

The source reveals that the car will make its way to the Kathmandu valley only after it passes the test in the local area. Furthermore, the source also stated that it’ll probably be after this Dashain.

Hulas is the first vehicle manufacturing company of Nepal. It had been producing Mustang brand cars in Nepal but stopped in 2069 after the emission standard 3 came in effect. But now it’ll be producing electric cars with the name “Da Vinci”. Hulas has also been producing electric rickshaws in Nepal.


Hulas states that it is producing electric cars, targeting middle-class Nepalese car buyers. The company claims that these cars will carry features that greatly justify their pricing, some of which include a great compact look and operations made easy.

It can reach a maximum speed of 60 kmph and you can cover a distance of nearly 170km on a full charge. The car can be charged with the normal electric plugs on homes and requires 8 to 10 hours of charging to get fully charged.

This electric car comprises modern features including power steering, power braking system, power window, and central locking.

The car also comprises a rear camera and a rear sensor that aids parking and reversing. On the dashboard is a 7-inch infotainment system. Hulas claims it can easily climb a 20-degree inclined height.

Da Vinci is built with a 180mm ground clearance, suitable on the roads of Nepal. This ground clearance in electric cars is said to be the best in the Nepali market.

The car weighs 800kgs and is a 5 seated one. Da Vinci will be priced between NPR 15 to 20 lakhs in Nepal.