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How do I advertise my vehicle for sale in Hamromark Website?

In order to advertise your vehicle, you need to contact in the number provided in the website and take the vehicle to the nearest vehicle checking station for quality check.

What is the process involved for advertising in hamromark platform?

After you have been provided with the information on nearest vehicle checking station, you will have to take an appointment for vehicle checking so that quality check for vehicle can be done by qualified service station.

What is the use of star rating?

Star ratings are indicators symbolizing at a glance how quality of vehicle stand at that particular point of time. They also serve as a convenient way to give buyer an idea about condition of the vehicle. However it is very important to understand that ratings are only meant to give you approximate idea hence we suggest that buying decision are not to be made solely based on star rating. Proper test drive and self-inspection of vehicles are highly recommended. Star rating feature have been introduced just to make online quality vehicle search easier, convenient and fast.

What does star Rating suggest?

1 Star: (CPI) Change Parts Immediately
2 Star: (RR) Repair Required / Replacement Required
3 Star: (SBA) Satisfactory But Attention Required
4 Star: (GWC) Good Working Condition
5 Star: (EC) Excellent Condition