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Hamromark is an online advertising and service platform for individual buyers, sellers and vehicle dealers; a platform that connects buyers with their potential third party, vehicle dealer or individual sellers to buy Hamromark branded cars and bikes that are maintained and owned by third parties and are checked through independent vehicle service stations.

Vehicle dealers or independent sellers may pay a fee to have their product checked through third party service stations or workshops (Car/ Bike Checking stations) before placing an advertisement of their cars and bikes in the Hamromark website, www.hamromark.com. The website is exclusively made to cater and convenience the needs of buyers to find quality pre-owned cars and bikes in a single platform. Hamromark puts every effort possible to make it easier for buyer to find their dream ride among the finest selection of cars and bikes available for sale in the market. However, it is very important to understand that Hamromark is not a warranty of the product in any way; it is advisable to have a test ride before making any purchase decision and get the final terms and condition cleared between transacting parties before making any transaction.

Hamromark does not sell vehicles directly and is never a party to any transaction between buyers and sellers/ vehicle dealers or vehicle service stations. Therefore, Hamromark does not guarantee or ensure any vehicle or any transaction between a buyer and vehicle dealer/independent seller or vehicle service station.