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Hamromark is an online advertising and service platform for individual Buyers, sellers and Vehicle dealers. It’s a platform that connects Buyers with third parties vehicle sellers to buy Hamromark branded cars and bikes maintained and owned by third parties Car dealers or Individual sellers.

We believe in quality and our main aim is to satisfy our riders with their vehicle purchase .
Hamromark Quality

Hamromark Quality vehicles are vehicles owned and sold by third party and checked by third party service station (Vehicle Checking Station) that ensures and confirms a certain quality standard of vehicles prior to its advertisement in Hamromark platform. Our ultimate goal is for Hamromark to become the standard by which selling and buying of vehicles is measured, serving the widest range of individual clients and corporations within Nepal. It is very important to understand that Hamromark is no way to be considered as a warranty.

Vehicle Dealers

Vehicle dealers are independent vehicle resale outlets involved in selling vehicles owned by them or facilitating sales of the vehicles owned by the third party. It must be understood that all vehicles sold in Hamromark platform are of respective vehicle dealers or individual sellers and likewise, the pricing of listed products are fixed by respective vehicle dealers or individual sellers. Users or the buyer in this Site should take note that they should directly contact with the relevant vehicles dealer or seller for full details on any required vehicle information, including vehicle condition, pricing, availability, terms of payment, test drive and ownership transfer.

Private Sellers

Private sellers are individual sellers who have posted the advertisement of their vehicles for sale in the Hamromark platform after having their vehicles checked through one of the vehicle checking stations (Third-party Service Station). The sales advertisements of the vehicles have been placed in the website only after vehicle is found to have met certain quality standard as required by the platform.

Vehicle Checking Station

Vehicle checking stations are selected independent service stations run by third party, The main objective of these outlets is to check the vehicles if it meets the certain quality standard required to qualify as Hamromark vehicles so that it can be advertised for sales in Hamromark platform.